Propane Tanks – Not Easy To Blow Up

So, your running from a horde of undead, and you have a brilliant idea.  I’ll lead them into the backyard and pop a few rounds into the propane tank next to the grill.

That should slow them down right?

Well, not exactly. First of all, that 9mm handgun isn’t going to do the trick, so I hope you brought something a little bigger, and sadly, all your going to do is punch a whole in the tank even then.

They move on to use tracer rounds (not in this clip) that still don’t light the propane up.  What they didn’t do, and I’m dying to know, is if I stuck a magnesium road flare to the side of the tank with some duct tape and then shot it, would that make it blow?

And that’s assuming I’ve got the time to light the road flare and tape it to the tank before the undead eat me, but hey, I’m an optimist.