Razors – Just Like TP

Just like a lot of other supplies, eventually your razors are going to get old and rusty.  They might last longer than TP which will get destroyed by bugs and rodents as well as the elements, but eventually all the razors are going to be gone as well.

Like many other times, I’m going to tell you to prepare and be ready.  Start to practice the skills that will keep you clean shaven and clean. Beards make great handholds for the undead.

Below is a demonstration of how to shave with a machete.  A few safety notes – you’re more likely to be cut with a blade that isn’t sharp enough. If you have to force it because its dull you’re more likely to dig in and cut yourself (and badly).

On another note, find someone who already uses a straight razor and get some hands on help. This is not something you want to screw up.  So be warned (our legal disclaimer) you can seriously injure our kill yourself if you are not careful, so please take on shaving with a straight razor or other non safety razor implement at your own risk.

The blade below is amazingly sharp – note how he cleans the edge on leather and tests it on his arm.  I doubt he can use the blade for any serious chopping without breaking the edge. There is no way to keep a blade fine enough to shave like this without seriously thinning out the edge, so I am guessing this is a shaving only machete and he has another for hacking down the rainforest.