Red And The Gray – Episode 2

Room 283E

My head hurt and I had to pee. That was the first  thing I felt when I woke up. I opened my eyes to slits, not sure where I was.  Something partially obscured my vision, turning the dim light coming from above  me into a hazy brightness.

That’s when it hit me. I was so comfortable. I was  on a mattress and had clean sheets pulled up to my chest. I could tell they  were clean, they smelled like detergent. I tried to put my hand to my face to  push whatever was partially over my eyes out of the way, but I only got it to  my mid section before it stopped short with a metallic sound.

My other hand shot to my wrist, feeling the band of  steel and tracing it back to the other cuff locked to the bed rail. I turned my  wrist around, trying to feel if I could slip out of the cuff, but even my  smaller than average wrist wasn’t going to slip through.

“Yeah, I hope it isn’t too tight,” a female voice  said, making me jump. I’d thought I was alone. I bolted upright, but the sudden  movement sent a stabbing pain down the back of my skull and my side felt like I  might have a few cracked ribs. I settled back into the mattress.

I shivered when a hand touched my forehead, easing  the gauze slipping down over my eyes away. “I have to pee,” I croaked, my voice  dry and hoarse.

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