Red And The Gray – Episode 1

Welcome to the first installment of the Undead-Earth West Coast series.  Enjoy…

I haven’t had a real shower in three months.

Taking a shower means going to the shelter, which isn’t safe. They want your name, and they think they’re helping you when they call social services. Or worse, you might just get to take the shower so you’re clean for whatever comes after.

No thanks.

I’ll take my chances on the streets. I’ve been living on them for two years and doing better than the twelve months I spent under the guardianship of the State of California. Even with the craziness going on, I know how to take care of myself.
I keep off the streets at night. And I don’t bring anyone back to my place. No one knows where I sleep, so no one can slip into my bed at night, or beat someone else into telling them where I am. Looking like I’m twelve might help me make a few bucks during the day when I’m begging from tourists, but it also makes me a target for bad things.

I called it sanctuary, which is corny, but it made me feel better that no one knew where I holed up. I didn’t have electricity or water in sanctuary, but I saw what they wrote in the papers and watched the news from behind plate glass windows along the strip.

They were calling it “The Summer of Death.”

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