Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Critically Wounded – 6 Others Dead

I apologize for a moment of serious discourse.

I don’t normally comment on the news when it comes to such horrific, and real stories.

A twenty two year old man opened fire on a member of Congress, putting her in critical condition with a head wound while killing six other people, including a nine year old girl just elected to her student council.

The NRA and gun nuts will tell you that everyone should be allowed to buy a weapon, even handguns. I’m sorry, but handguns are just too easy to hide. The only people allowed to have one should be law enforcement.  Everyone should be allowed to buy long rifles, you want to hunt, great, go do it. But what does a normal person really need a handgun for?

Make it a mandatory twelve month sentence to have a handgun or any weapon shorter than thirty six inches long – no exceptions.  It’s a lot harder to walk into a crowded location with a rifle under your coat.

The gun nuts will tell you that if other people in the crowd had weapons, the attack could have been averted. I highly doubt it. The attacker fired a full clip from a Glock as fast as he could pull the trigger. The survivors in the crowd tackled him when he was reloading. If any of them had had guns, the outcome might have been a shootout, with more people getting hit by flying lead. I can’t imagine how that would have improved the outcome.

Stricter gun laws for people with psyciatric issues and any violent or drug related issues should be a no brainer. But the NRA and other gun lobbies would fight it tooth and nail.

That is truly insane.

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