Richard Proenneke – Survivor

If you haven’t seen Alone in the Wilderness, you should really go by or rent it. (Unfortunately it’s not available on Itunes)

Its the story of Richard Proenneke, a WWII veteran who used his carpentry skills learned in the military to build a cabin on  the remote banks of the Twin Lakes in Alaska. He built the cabin completely by hand, bringing in everything he needed to survive.

He began this journey at the age of fifty-0ne, building his cabin and living there for thirty years.  Eventually he moved to California in 1999 to live with is brother at the age of 82 and passed away from a stroke in 2003.

I’ve watched the special twice on PBS, and both times its amazed me.  Mr. Proenneke was an amazing survivalist.  Its impressive to think how well he lived all by himself for thirty years in country that would kill a lot of other people.

He let his cabin to the National Park Service and you can still go there and see it to this day. That is, if you can make the trip.  It is still a remote location to get to.