Ron Paul – Help the Poor

How do you help the poor?

Do you make sure their kids get school lunches…No that is socialism.

Do you make sure they have health care…No, the free loading bastards don’t deserve it.

Do you make sure that companies can force workers to take any wage your willing to pay? Hell yes, that is how you help the poor.  I’m sure that if you abolish the minimum wage, instead of paying seven or eight dollars an hour for one worker you’ll pay seven workers one dollar on hour.  That will really help.

Has the GOP turned into f*cking idiots? Who buys all the products that keep our economy rolling?  Its not the .01% of the population that has the majority of the wealth.  Its the working class families.  Take money away from them and the economy just gets worse.  Give them a few dollars and they spend it, making things better.

Keep it up and you will kill the golden goose.

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