Secure Your House Part 1 – Removable Security Window Bars

So you may not be able to bug out right when the outbreak hits. It may be family, work, medical – maybe you can’t bear to leave your loved ones behind but you can’t push the iron lung down the streets.

Whatever the reason (and it better be a good one) you may need to secure your home against the undead.

I’ve already talked about motorized security shutters, which I love, but they are expensive, and your community may have rules against them in residential areas. That is where removable security bars come into place.

They allow you to put the installation bars in place, and insert the security bars when you actually need them.  This is perfect if your neighbors call the zoning board every time you plant a shrub.  All the work is inside our house, and the mountings bars are nearly invisible from outside your house.

Just remember to make sure you use nice long screws and they sink into the wooden framework around the window when you put the mounting bars down.

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