Shooting Gas Cans, The Reality

You’re stuck on the outskirts of town.  You were siphoning gas into five gallon jugs when the horde stirrs. Your flee into a nearby building, hoping they will quiet down and wander off. But they don’t.

You think you can make a run to your truck. You only got half the gas you came for, but if you can take a few of them out and create a distraction, you can probably make it to your ride.

Can you shoot the gas jugs left out in the open to try and take out part of the horde milling about your half filled jugs across the street?

Movies and TV would make it seem simple, just pop a few rounds into the jugs and the gas will go up in a fireball.

Reality = Not a chance. You need a source of ignition. Unless you have tracer rounds and get lucky, its not going to happen.

Reality with some help = if you can get an open flame or ignition source by the jugs, your good to go.

So good luck, hopefully you can get the cans lit and survive.