Silencer? = Yes

So you’ve survived the fall of civilization and your wondering why you should know how a silencer functions and whether you need one.

Yes, and Yes…

If you don’t know how to maintain and possibly even build a silencer, you are going to get yourself in a fair bit of trouble.  You just get done ransacking a drug store for supplies, but it took you longer than you thought, and as you come out its getting dark, a several walkers are stumbling about.  They are in the way unless you are going to circle way around to get to your safe house.  But that puts you at even more danger because who knows what’s around the corner?

You can risk trying to chop them up with your machete, but that has it’s on hazards. You can easily pick them off with your side arm, but that will bring everything within earshot down on you.

Much better to play it safe and take a few silenced shots and move on.

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