Sons of Guns

I’m not a rabid “Sons of Guns” fan but when its on I do tend to get drawn in.  They have cool jobs and they seem to have fun doing it.  Who wouldn’t want to build and shoot firearms for a living?

I was looking at some clips of the show, trying to find something for the MG42 post, and ran across several snotty comments.  People are way to up tight.  I was both surprised and not to see people ranting over some of the content of the show.

Its fake!

Its scripted!

The government would never buy AK47’s !

Stuff like that.  Maybe, maybe, and who the f*ck knows what our government would do. We’ve are funding forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, where the local weapon of choice and available ammo is in fact an AK47, so maybe someone did go and order some weapons for one of our military contractors there.  You just never know, and more imporantly, does it really matter?

The show is about enjoying the fun and watching them shoot some stuff I’d love to get my hands on.  Relax and take it for what it is.

The thing that bothered me the most was the attacks on the dude’s daughter. Come on @Predpool, calling the girl a harpie?  That’s just being an ass.  Granted, she’s on TV, and that brings some level of scrutiny, but I also think that she is a real person and isn’t an “actor” so give her a break.  What a dick.