Teen Wolf Seasan 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5 – The Tell


The poor BlockBleester guy get’s offed by the alpha and Jackson get’s marked somehow. Scott and Allison ditch to celibrate her birthday but get nailed in the end.  And Lydia is freaking out after she caught a glimpse of the alpha at the BlockBleester store. We find out a bit more about each of the students during parent teacher night and then Allison’s dad puts a cap in the ass of a rampaging mountain lion, so everything good, they got the animal that’s been killing people. Right?

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Jackson losing the battle to pick the movie. It’s time to watch “The Notebook” again.
  • Jackson with his back to a movie stand full of DVD’s of “Let the Right One In
  • Aunt Kate being sweet with Allison (giving her the necklace).
  • Scott getting why Allison is a year behind. It is those moments in life that make everything real.
  • Stiles and his highlighter in chemistry class.
  • Stiles asking the dude in chemistry if he finds him attractive.
  • Lydia’s mom letting a teen boy into her daughter’s room when she’s drugged out of her mind and wearing skimpy PJs.
  • The look on Stiles face when Lydia grabs his thigh.  I think he came.
  • Kate being a badass at Derek’s house.
  • Derek with his shirt off.  My god, look at those shoulders.
  • The creepy vet when Sheriff Stilinsky shoes him the images. (My buddy is convinced the vet is the alpha, but I just think he’s the alpha’s bitch.)
  • Allison telling Scott that she wished her parents weren’t coming home so she could spend the rest of the day night with him.
  • Lydia changing from a wreck to a hottie in the mirror.
  • Coach Finstock making fun of Stiles’ real name and then stepping in it.
  • Stiles dad when Coach Finstock tells Sheriff Stilinsky that his son detailed the circumsicion process – and then finds out it was an economics class.
  • Scott and Allison getting nailed for skipping school.

Things that bothered me about this episode…

  • A video store? What the hell are those?
  • Lydia’s mom letting a teen boy into her daughter’s room when she’s drugged out of her mind and wearing skimpy PJs. (Yes, its on both lists, deal with it.)
  • Poor Stiles getting called Jackson while Lydia’s loaded.
  • Sheriff Stilinsky is just way to calm as he’s looking at the pics of the thing transitioning to a standing position.


Favorite Quote from Episode 5:

Sheriff Stilinsky in response to Stiles telling him he shouldn’t have any fries, especially curly fires.  Sheriff Stilinsky – “I’m carrying a lethal weapon, if I want the curly fries, I will have the curly fries.”

I think its true, you can have all the curly fries if you have a gun.