Teen Wolf Season 1 – Episode 10

Episode  10 – Co-Captain


The lacrosse team has won the game – they are going to state championships. Allison and Scott have a tender moment but its ruined by some jackass. Jackson tries to make a deal with Scott.  If he turns him, he’ll help Scott get Allison back.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The creepy lacross ball rolling across the floor.  Spooky.
  • Scott in a towel – he’s ripped.
  • Allison having sexy dreams, can we please make that scene more than 1.2 seconds in the future?
  • Allison dropping the bomb on Lydia that she knows about the make out session in the couches office.
  • The way Allison looks at Scott. I love the chemistry between them.
  • The tension as you realize who the medical rep is.
  • I love Stiles for ramming them. Nicely done.
  • I love it when Scott saves Jackson. But then Derek does the “Near Death” thing again.  Is he alive? Yep – and in chains.
  • The vet’s cryptic remarks about mostly treating cats and dogs.

Things that bothered me about this episode…

  • Derek being mind controlled?
  • Jock Jackson destroying his Porchse – what an ass. Why does the jock asshole get the beautiful ride?
  • Why would you seperate in the woods and leave your bow behind? Come on.
  • It was heartbreaking when stiles dad was drunk and said he missed Stiles’ mom.
  • Would Scott really let Mr. Harris walk away with his mom?
  • Scott gets pin cushioned.
  • How do you take Derek alive?

Best Quote of Episode 8:

Stiles – “I’m going to spend an eternity in the lowest level of hell.”

As he get’s his dad drunk so he can look over his files.