Teen Wolf Season 1 – Episode 11

Episode  11 – Formality


The episide starts with Allison getting schooled by Kate on werewolves, she knows the truth but Kate tells her that her parents aren’t sure she can handle the knowledge yet. The vet stands up to the Alpha and shows he’s got some knowledge of werewolves.  But what is he?  Scott’s mom is still going after the Alpha, she thinks he’s a nice guy.

The end of the episode was killer. They better not leave too much hanging until next season.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Sherif Stilinsky pulling Allison over.  “You were only doing seventy-five in a twentyfive, and it was in a construction zone.”
  • Kate working over Derek for information. We find out that she’s a dirty girl. Apparently she and Derek have bumped nasties. If Kate has a baby from a werewolf will that kid be a werewolf?
  • Coach Finstock bargaining with his nuts.
  • Jackson scared out of his mind after being convinced to take Allison to the formal dance to keep her out of trouble.
  • Allison setting up Lydia with Stiles at the mall.
  • Kate being evil with Derek.  (Right up to the point she realizes that Scott is involved)
  • Scott’s ripped pants.  I’ve lived those last moment panic moments with my kids. His mom is so cool. I love it when she smacks him in the head and tells him about woman. Tell her the truth.
  • Stiles telling Lydia to get off her cute little ass and dance and then making her understand how he feels about her.
  • Scott flooring Coach Finstock by grabbing the gay guy to put the coach on his ass.  That was awesome.
  • Mr. Argent being creepy in the woods.
  • Scott and Allison dancing sweetly.  They have to end up together right? She’s so sweet.
  • Stiles – he’s the best friend I think we all wish we had.
  • Allison talking dirty.

Things that bothered me about this episode…

  • Allison falling apart after learning the truth about werewolves and her family- come on girl, toughen up.
  • People don’t seem freaked out enough about the murders in town.
  • Coach Finstock being an ass at the dance.
  • Lydia breaking Stiles heart by going to find Jackson.
  • Jackson gives up Scott to Mr. Argent.
  • Holy crap, Lydia get’s bloodied up.  Not sure if she got bit though – the alpha has blod on his chin.
  • Really, by the busses where someone got slaughtered?
  • They left us hanging after Allison see’s that Scott is a wolf.

Best Quote of Episode 11:

Stiles – “I shouldn’t tell you I told you so, because it’s not strong enough.  How about, I’m always right, and you should never disagree for the sake of your wolfly hood.”

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