Teen Wolf Season 1 – Episode 12

Episode  12 – Code Breaker


It’s exciting and sad, the season premier.

It opens with Lydia wounded, and Stiles driving away with the alpha. Argent is pissed that Kate told Allison the truth about werewolves.  Allison struggles with the truth, not sure what is happening as everything else swirls around Scott, slowly closing in.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Allison fighting with her mom about Scott.  Fight for you man, even if he is damn hairy!
  • Who’s car is this?
  • Stiles trying to bargain for Scott’s freedom. I’ve said it before, everyone wants (and needs) a friend like Stiles.
  • Allison walking into the hospital, I know its supposed to be creepy, but she is so damn hot.
  • Stiles refusing the bite, even as Darth Wolf tries to sway him to the dark side.
  • Derek catching bats and kicking ass.
  • Stiles and Jackson taking a beating. Take it like a man.
  • Derek breaking free when he finds out the truth about his sister.
  • Argent facing off with Kate. I didn’t like him before, but he lives by his code, even if it means taking down his sister.
  • That is one damn quick alpha.
  • Kate biting it.  She deserved it.
  • The alpha as a werewolf. Very badass.
  • Is there anything that Stiles is not afraid of? Go Stiles.
  • Allison and Scott kissing at the end.  Finally she knows and she doesn’t care.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Allison’s mom is a bitch.
  • My god, is this show’s demographics all girls?  There must be two feminine hygiene products per commercial break.  It’s not a vampire show people, its a werewolf show.
  • Would the alpha really leave Stiles alive? Regardless of whether he’s the “killer” or not.
  • OMG – were there twice as many ad spots in the final episode or what?
  • Allison shooting at Scott.  You don’t fire on your lover until after your married a few years, even if he is a dog.
  • Don’t just leave the alpha laying there, burnt to a crisp.  Put some frickin rounds into his skull, or better yet, cut his head off. Okay good, Derek does the deed.
  • Jackson – he’s such a prick.  But I guess someone has to be the bad guy next season.

Best Quote of Episode 11:

Alpha – “His user name is Allison?..And his password is Allison?”

Stiles – “You still want him in your pack?”