Teen Wolf Season 1 – Episode 8

Episode 8 – Lunatic


Scott and Stiles lament over theig girl troubles, trying to wash away their teen angst with a bottle of jack.  After Scott pinned the murders on Derek, thinking he was killed at the highschool, the police think they have their killer, and all they need to do is find him.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Stiles drunk.
  • Kate Argent as she unlocks the car door for Allison.
  • Stiles makes the first string.
  • The predatory look on Scott’s face when Lydia’s coming in for the kiss.
  • Kate honing in on Scott and Derek with Allison.  I love Jill Wagner.
  • Stiles having a key to the house.
  • Stiles being a true friend. Nobody but a true friend would stick around when they came into that room with Scott.
  • Derek’s not DEAD!!!!
  • Stiles giving his dad a hug while the Argent’s come to the conclusion he might be a Beta werewolf.
  • Jackson realizing that Scott’s glove was torn through by claws.

Things that bothered me about this episode…

  • Lydia being a bitch and telling Scott Allison will just like him as a friend.
  • Lydia luring Scott in for a kiss and screwing Stiles in the head in the process.
  • Allison is still falling for Jackson.
  • At what point does even a true friend run when their buddy is turning into a werewolf in the next room?
  • Jackson flirting with Allison in the sporting goods store.

Best Quote of Episode 8:

Lydia – “I think you’d be pretty surprised at just how greatful I can be.”

Sorry, I just like it when Lydia talks dirty.