Teen Wolf Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode  9 –  Wolf’s Bane


The episode starts with the chemistry teacher being confronted about his knowledge regarding the fire at the Hale residence.  Derek saves him from the alpha, but ends up being chased by the police as a thank you.  Scott and Stiles save him but Scott ends up getting a mission in the process. He has to get Allison’s necklace.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Derek scaring more puppies.
  • Scott getting sidetracked as he starts to think about Allison in the shower.
  • Way creepy daydream from Jackson.
  • Jackson breaking up with Lydia via text. He’s an ass – it fits him perfectly.
  • Stiles and his dad having the I’m proud, your proud, I’m proud moment.
  • Stiles making Derek change shirts to make his gay friend happy.
  • Scott spouting off to Argent that everything he’s done was to protect Allison. She overhears him ranting, so I hope they are on a path to getting back together.
  • The phone call to Stiles. After all – “Visiting hours are over.”
  • Stile’s dad questioning the chemistry teacher, starting to put the pieces together.
  • Kate see’s the scratches on Jackson’s neck, and starts to think he is the Beta.

Things that bothered me about this episode…

  • Why is Scott driving? Stiles should be the one behind the wheel.
  • Would Argent really miss with an automatic rifle at that range? People should go play paintball or airsoft.  If you’re in the open you’re dead.
  • Would Scott really just let is slide when Jackson confronts him about being a werewolf?
  • Damn, I was wrong about who the Alpha was.
  • Stiles’ dad waiting for him at the lacross game.  The emotions between the two of them are touching.

Best Quote of Episode 9:

Kate Argent – “…if I was in highschool again, or maybe just a substitute teacher…”

Jill Wagner can be my substitute teacher any day.