The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 10

For the tenth day of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want a Riot Shield.

At just over five pounds it gives you the protection you need when you’ve run out of ammunication and your going to town on what’s left of the old folks home with your baseball bat or machete.  You need to learn to use you legs to push away as the undead hit the shield, then use the brief opening to take the head shot.  You can’t use it to just hold them off, they will rip your arm off while they pull the shield away if you let them.

Now’s the time to practice (preferably on the front lawn where all the neighbors can see you) – so go pay five of the the local junior high football stars to play an interesting game with you.  You get a nerf sword and they have to pull you to the ground.  If you can keep them at bay and beat them into submission with a nerf sword – you win.

Plus, when the undead start to eat your neighbors and they see you succesfully battling your way to the minivan with your riot shield, you can spare just a moment to give them the finger for all the times they called you crazy behind your back.