The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 2

For the second of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want a German Sitek Model 22 Riot Suit.


Think of this jacket as a free get out of jail card for that careless moment when one of the undead latches onto your forearm with its teeth.  You might be bruised, but this gear is going to make sure you can walk away after you take its head off – versus shuffling away a lifeless, hungry corpse.

While its not bullet proof, it is relatively light, has multiple pockets for gear, and is designed for taking a beating in a riot.  All perfect attributes for when you run out of ammo and are forced to finish the day hacking away with a machete or swinging a sledge hammer.

And best of all, these suites can be found online at anywhere from between $200 and $500 U.S. depending on the size and whether it is a complete set or not.

Protection offered by this suit includes:

  • Needle Guard – No one can stab you with infected needles…this translates into excellent bite protection.
  • Impact Protection from Projectiles launched by slingshots, or wielded by
    angry mobs…it is the end of the world after all, you need to worry about the living almost as much as the dead.
  • Flame resistant to protect you when the flames from you molotov cocktail are getting just a bit too close.
  • Chemical resistant surface prevents tear gas and other low level irritants
    from bother you. Very helpful in the early days when the military is still somewhat functioning and they are dropping chemical agents.