The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 5

For the fifth of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want some light! Specifically a Nightstick NSR-9912 flashlight and an ASP 55601 Tactical Triad LED Baton Light.

First, the NSR-9912 Flashlight:
Its got several critical modes of operation all in one compact package.   The NSR-9912 allows the user to select a focused flashlight, floodlight, or dual light.  The flashlight mode is very useful for seeing what’s in the distance, but its a dangerous mode if your trying to walk or run because you tend to put the beam out in front of you, which leaves you at risk of tripping over what’s right in front of you.  That’s where the dual-light mode comes in.  It mixes the flashlight and floodlight modes, giving you the ability to see what’s directly in front of you as well as what’s in the distance.

The floodlight can be used by itself when you are holed up and need to illuminate a broad area.  Its the perfect mixed mode flashlight and is very useful when your running through the dark to escape the undead shambling behind you.  You wan’t be tripping and falling when using the mixed flashlight and floodlight mode.

Second, the ASP 55601 Tactical Triad LED Baton Light:
Why two different units? Because you’ve got two different environments you’re going to use them in.  The NSR-9912 is a great compact light, but its useless once you run out of rounds, or if you need light, but can’t risk taking a shot and pulling everything nearby down on top of you.

That is where the ASP 55601 comes into play.  Let’s say you just fled into a house but the streets are full of zombies.  You don’t want to risk taking a shot inside, so you use the ASP 55601 to quietly clear the house, crushing undead skulls wherever required as you secure the premises, and all without having to worry about any noise.

And the ASP55601 is tough. The 4110 steel is easily going to crush skulls. It’s listed as a non or less than lethal weapon, but trust me, that’s only when you’re pulling your punches.

Please check with local law enforcement if you plan on being a baton before the undead starting chomping on people.  They are not legal in all locations.