The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 23

For the twenty third of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want a set of climbing spikes.

Think of all the uses.  If you’re lucky enough to be in a group of other survivors you can climb a tree to watch the girls bathing down by the river.  Oh, and they can keep you alive too.

When your stuck in the woods and you know their are undead about and you need to get some sleep you can take these babies out and climb into a tree.  With a little rope and some knots you can fall fast asleep while hugging some bark.

Good times.

They also come in handy if you find yourself surrounded in a city.  Bolt up a telephone pole and use your Rino GPS/Radio to call for help.

A must have for the undead survival expert.

PS. Make sure you get aluminum units so they are light.