The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 2

Episode  2, Bloodletting


The episode starts with a flashback of Lori having to tell Carl that his father was shot, and then jumps to the present, with Rick running his wounded son to try and get help while the rest of the crew searches for Sophia who is still lost in the woods.

The episode ends with Shane stuck at the medical depot behind a metal gate flooded with walkers while Carl lies dying back at the farmhouse. Damn it, its like they make cliff hangers at the end of every episode so I come back next week…


Things I loved about this episode…

  • I hate Shane but there is an intense brotherhood between the two of them.
  • Oh no, is T-Dog infected with something bad? Or something really bad? Daryl did throw a body on top of him to hide him. The bloody car seat when T-Dog is looking for meds is a nice touch.
  • Shane actually redeems himself a bit when he goes to get the medical supplies to help save Carl.
  • The suspense as T-Dog loses it. Is he fever dream crazy or is he turning?
  • Horseback riding walker killing.  Looks like fun.
  • The old dude comparing HIV to the Undead Apocalypse.
  • The shock and pain on Lori’s face when she see’s Carl. I hate seeing kids hurt (even on TV) but the scene gripped my gut hard.  I know what its like to see your kid on a hospital bed.  The pain felt real.
  • “What kind of doctor are you?” – “A vet” – “Oh good, a combat medic?” – “Hmm, no, a vetrinarian.”
  • The medical center.
  • T-Dog has turned, I know it.  He’s hunched over at the back of the RV. Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him now.
  • “Merl” got the clap on occasion.
  • The walkers at the medical site.  The fat guy should have been wearing a red shirt.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Seeing wounded kids just freaks me out.
  • If I was Rick, I would have been screaming before I got to the house. I’d be afraid one of them would have shot me. It almost looked like he was eating the kid when he was running with him.
  • How the hell did the Dr. know there were six fragments?  Does he have X-ray vision?
  • Oh god, when they are operating on Carl it was hard to watch. I thought that was  a little much.
  • The doctors house seems real exposed. They haven’t boarded up windows or put up a fence around the house.  It just seems too “normal”.
  • What makes Shaen think that inside the building is any safer than the outside?


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