The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 7

Episode  7, Pretty Much Dead Already


At the beginning of the episode Glen tells everyone that the barn is full of walkers. Shane wants to roll but Rick wants to talk to Hershel.

Rick is fighting to stay to protect his unborn child, but Hershel still wants them gone. The episode carries the overall story and plot forward, but was more drama than action up until the last four minutes. Which makes this a 4 out of 5 for the episode. Even with the “Surprise” ending.

But the fact that the rest of the season doesn’t pick up until February really sucks.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The sound of everyone fighting outside the barn has got the walkers excited.
  • Maggie is so hot when she’s pissed.
  • The scene where Carol is telling Daryl she doesn’t want to lose him too is very touching, right up to the point he calls her a stupid bitch.
  • Maggie’s speach trying to convince Hershel to let the RV gang stay was powerful, but also a bit sad.
  • You go Dale – hiding the weapons when you knew that badness from Shane was coming.
  • Glen telling Maggie he never wants her to be in danger. And Maggie’s sweaty boobs are hot.

  • Shane losing it.  He’s right about the walkers in the barn, but wrong about the way he’s going about it. But what an awesome firing line.


Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Hershel still wants them gone. Even if it disagrees with the way Rick and the rest of the RV family feels about the walkers, there has to be part of him that would understand the benefits of having more able bodies.
  • So Rick knows his wife was tagging Shane, but Shane doesn’t know that Rick knows.  I think Rick would have a bit more edge with Shane.  How could he not?
  • Shane – what an ass. Trying to tell Lori that Rick isn’t made for their current world.
  • Damn you Lori.  I guess there is a slight possibility that the babie could be Shane’s after all.
  • It just makes no sense to try and treat walkers as “sick people”.
  • Come on Rick, its way to dangerous to have walkers on a dog pole.  Just shoot the damn thing.
  • Come on Dale, just shoot Shane. He’s a prick. (But at least Shane didn’t kill Dale)
  • Shane loses it and wants to kill the walkers in the barn.
  • I kinda thought Sophia was in the barn, but boy did that suck.  So Hershel knew the whole time and never told them that Sophia had been turned?  That is really shitty.  And poor Rick, he had to pull the trigger.

Crazy Thoughts During the Episode…

  • As Carl is saying that Sophia would like it on the farm, all I could think about was that she was already in the barn – maybe in walker stomachs.
  • Shane was going to tell Carl to kill Hershel so they could all stay at the farm.