The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 1

Episode  1, What Lies Ahead


The long awaited return of The Walking Dead is finally here, and best of all, it’s 90 minutes long. The episode starts out strong, putting my stomach in a knot and keeping it there the whole time. The ending scene sucked.  I don’t want to wait until next week to find out what is happening.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The relationships of the survivors feel so real.
  • Andrea and her gray sweatpants.
  • The horde that starts coming down the road.
  • And Andrea beign totally oblivious as the zombies are walking by.
  • The zombie in the RV is uber creepy.
  • Dale saves T-Dog with an awesome brain stem kill.
  • When they are chasing the little girl I almost had to shut my eyes.  Poor kid is carrying her stuffed animal the whole time.
  • Rick is awesome. I love his rock kill.  Definetly the zombie kill of the week.
  • Daryl – “Do you want a lesson in tracking or do you want to find that girl.”
  • The Dexter murder bag all rolled up in the truck with the dead guy.
  • Zombie autopsy – only way to be sure.  And now we know zombies eat woodchucks.
  • Andrea is such a bitch, tearing into Dale for not letting her die at the CDC building. I understand her viewpoint, but at the same time, if she so ardently wanted to die, she should have just let them both get cooked.
  • Campers with self inflicted head wounds.  Great special effects.
  • Church full of walkers. Sweet, very well done.
  • Lori giving them hell for being critical of Rick.  Stand up for your man woman.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The dogs in the opening scenes.  Don’t they know the undead hate dogs?
  • Why is Daryl on a motorbike?  That seems real risky.
  • Why are you looking down the scope when they are look a hundred feet away?
  • Under the cars?  Bullshit.  Get in something you can lock.
  • They should have had T-Dog in a red shirt if they were going to make him bleed that much. (Strek Fans Holler!)
  • It seems like they are making a shit load of news to clear the road.
  • Come on kid, your going to go climb over a dead guy for anything? Dumb ass.
  • Lori and Shane fighting. She shoudl let him go.  He’s a lying bastard who tried to kill your husband by negligence.
  • You think if blood is a transmission path you might be a bit more careful as you cut open a zombie to look in its stomach.
  • Poor Carol. Being a parent in the after would suck. I think I’d lose my mind.
  • Who rings bells when zombie herds are around?
  • I don’t buy it when Dale says none of it was intended.
  • Who the hell shoots Carl?