The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 3

Episode  3, Save the Last One


Last episode left Carl wounded and Shane and the fat dude surrounded. I bet the fat dude should have been wearing a red shirt. I guess we’ll find out. Episode three starts out with a flash back (forward?) of Shane shaving his head and then jumps to him and the fat dude being chased down a hall.

Sophia is still lost in the woods.

And Shane shows his true colors.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Daryl goes to walk the road to look for Sophia.  Even if its just to get away from her crying mom, its still a good thing to do.  Plus he gets to bond with Andrea.
  • Shane and the fat dude stuck in the gym on the bleachers. The fat dude tries to do the right thing and draw the undead off. So far, he’s still alive.
  • Lauren Cohan from the farmhouse (plays Maggie) is really hot. Its not classic hot, but it’s definetly “the girl next door” hot.
  • Fat dude is still alive and saves Shane.  I may have lost my red shirt bet.
  • Rick is willing to give his last drop of blood to save Carl.  What father wouldn’t?
  • Zombie Tree Ornaments.  (And that they make Andrea vomit.)
  • Andrea – “An answer for an arrow?”
  • Glenn and Maggie sitting in a tree. K – I – S -S – I – N- G…Go for it Glen. Its the end of the world. Swing the bat you moron, don’t talk about God.
  • Dale really cares about Andrea. Jeffrey Demunn (Dale) has been in a ton of stuff, but I don’t remember him being such a heart touching character in his other roles.
  • Oh crap, what is up with Shane’s scalp? Oh my god, he shot Otis in the leg just to get away.  What a bast*rd.  I wish I could say I was shocked.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Can you really drop twenty feet into bushes and survive?  I guess if you were in good enough shape.
  • Wouldn’t people be a bit more concerned about wounded T-Dog?  I mean the people at the farm.  Are they just going to trust that his bandaged arm was not a bite?
  • Would a parent ever really question whether their child should survive? I guess it was as bad as the undead rising, maybe you would. But still.
  • Carl having a siezure. The show is good enough. They dont’ need to milk the kid for effect.
  • Why is Dale wandering around alone? Why doesn’t anyone follow the most simple rule of apocalyptic survival. THE BUDDY SYSTEM.
  • Carl is dying, they are going to operate without the respirator or drugs. That would really suck.  Come on Shane, get back to the farmhouse.  Sweet, I think they just made it. Was fat guy bit? (Otis didn’t make it – I guess I won my bet, but now I feel bad.)
  • Wouldn’t you put something over the windows on the RV and have a crossbar to lock the door from the inside?
  • I’m hoping that Shane doesn’t use his actions saving Carl to get back into Lori’s good graces (and I mean her pants).
  • How does the farmhouse have electgricity and hot water? Wouldn’t you be rationing?