The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 6

Episode  6, TS-19


At the end of the last episode we found out there is a barn full of walkers on the farm and eveyone else on the farm is “in on it”.  We just don’t know what “it” is yet.  I can’t wait to find out.

So now we know. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. At least it wasn’t a “cure” they were looking for, but at the same time, the people on the farm are illogically crazy about walkers.

An okay episode, but a little bit of a drop off from last week.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The ominous view of the barn in the distance. And then the crazy woman feeding the zombies chickens with broken legs.  I really hope htis makes some sense by the end of the episode.
  • Maggie is still hot, but it’s still crazy.
  • Glen is so funny, Steven Yeun really does an excellent job as the uncomfortable, innocent guy.
  • Carl steals a gun. I get why Lori is upset about it, but walkers are everywhere, let the kid have some protection.
  • Glen – “You’re old, you know things.” Dale – “Spit it out.”  Gen – “There are walkers in the barn and Lori’s pregnant.”  The look on Dale’s face is priceless.
  • I like the way Dale just goes and talks to Hershel. He’s a great character.
  • Lori’s got a nice ass. A bit skinny, but okay. That was if she hadn’t tapped Shane within a few weeks of her thinking her hustband died. Ever heard of grieving?
  • Shane being as ass to Andrea. Shane – “You shoot like a damn girl.”
  • Dale…he just rocks.
  • Lori acknowledges that tapping Shane was wrong. And she states that she “knows” it is Rick’s. I guess that means she got a period after the last time she slept with Shane? That would be the only way she could know for sure.  It’s still wrong.
  • The last stand house was awesome. Whoever lived there took a lot of walkers with them, it looks like most of the walkers from the neighborhood?

  • Oops, no they didn’t, still tons left.  Shane is a good shot – Andrea not so much, at least until she’s in the zone.
  • Andrea grabbing Shane’s package. Maybe now he won’t be fixated on Lori. (And I should have labelled “Shane’s Package” as well)

  • I love that Dale is so damn perceptive. He knows that something happened between Lori and Shane. And he asks Shane to leave, he knows Shane has demons inside of him. And he knows that Shane was vague on what happened to Otis.
  • The look on Dale’s face when Shane threatens him. He’s scared, but at the same time he’s got confirmation about everything he’s been thinking about Shane.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • I hate hearing Rick say nice things about Shane. Rick – “He’s the best instructer I know.” Said in regards to Carl learning to shoot.
  • It seems like they are wasting a lot of ammo.
  • Hershel is nuts. Walkers are “sick people.” Come on. I get it, the dudes wife and step son were turned, but still.
  • Rick’s beard. Why would you grow a beard in the middle of summer?
  • Rick has become a sap and a side character.
  • Come on Glen, you don’t bring a weapon with a bit more reach when your going scavenging? Any why are you riding horses if you have crs with gas? Why is Shane driving and Glen and Maggie driving cars? And why does Shane have a gun if Glen doesn’t get one?
  • Maggie is being a b*tch.  Why is she blaming Glen for making a run. I think she was being a bit harsh.
  • Is Lori trying to kill herself? Did she just take like ten morning after pills? Yep – and now she’s puking them up.
  • Oh shit, Lori told Rick about her and Shane.  But then he is understanding. Rick -“The world went to shit and you thought I was dead?” Come on, that is just not believable. Even given that, he would be pissed.  The’ve cut Rick’s balls off as a character. Grow a pair, take your pistol and go kneecap Shane.

Crazy Thoughts During the Episode…

  • The girls from the farm want to learn to shoot so they can take out Rick’s people.
  • Okay, so Lori shouldn’t have tried to take the morning after pill without talking to Rick, but at the same time, would you want to bring a child into that world? If you could safely avoid that, wouldn’t you?


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