Undead Bear Trap

The video goes a bit slow, but the end result is there, a solid trap. If you have the time and money to stockpile items, it might be worth getting a few of these.  If you put a good size stake into the ground you’ll be able to hold whatever you capture in place, but I would be concerned that it might snap a thrall’s leg clean off, which would slow it down, but not really stop him.

There are multiple sizes, but I struggle with how large it would need to be to get a human (undead) foot into it reliably, but at the same time not pack so much force that it’s just going to cut through flesh and bone.

These are heavy, so they aren’t a good idea if your don’t have a cabin to stockpile as your bolt hole, but if you can put a few of them out in the woods you could create a nice little maze.

That might be useful for more than just the undead. If other survivors made it to the cabin and they weren’t friendlies, you might be able to lure them into your maze.  Just don’t forget where you put the traps or you might find yourself in big trouble.

Oh, and these are illegal to use on humans and animals.  So only use them on the undead.