Warren Buffett = TAX THE RICH

You know, it really doesn’t take a genius like Warren Buffett to figure this out, but it certainly makes a point when the world’s best investor says it.


When you give a grand back to a family making 55K they go buy a TV.  When you give 100K back to a family making 10 Million they dump it in the stock market.  The replubicans would like you to think that creates jobs, but every indicator on the face of the earth says otherwise.  When functional tax rates on the rich were higher under Clinton we had the best economy in a century.

I’m sorry, if you make more than 200K per year your functional tax rate on every dollar after that should be at 35% and every dollar you make over 1M should be 45%.

Currently millionaires are paying less tax on their last 100 dollars than I pay on my first, and that is just wrong.

You want to get this country back on track – close the tax loopholes and increase the taxes the ultra wealthy should pay, and build up our infrastructure and social programs.

Or pay the price. I can’t believe how many people in this country vote against their own best interests.  Vote for the Tea Bagger A-holes if you want to run this country into the ground.