Water – The Most Important Survival Tool 2

As promised, a bigger version of the bio sand water filter.

If you are lucky enough to have a large party of survivors and you have a secure location, building a series of larger water filtration units will be key to keeping overall health and moral up.

This unit is built from 55 gallon drums (make sure they are from food service and safe to use) and a small supply of PVC bits from the local hardware store.  I don’t like the five gallon pre filter bit on top – its overly complicated with the PVC and the drilled holes ect.  The piece at the bottom of the drum, beneath the sand, is useful, but the pre filter just needs to catch the big stuff.  A white cotton shirt is quick, easy, and works well.

The amount of gravel and sand is pretty impressive (try building one) but it is well worth it, even if you have to drag each bag up to your hidey hole separately.  It will be worth it to not get the squirts every other day.