Water – The Most Important Survival Tool 3.5


I promise this is the last post on water (for a while at least).

The last procedure to get drinking water is really the root method from 3.0, but it is used when you don’t have any dirty water to begin with.

You need the same basic items, a sheet of plastic, a poncho, the bigger the sheet of plastic the more water you can recover, and a cup to collect the water in.

Step 1….Dig a pit as deep and wide as your piece of plastic and in the general shape of a cone.

Step 2….Place your catch cup at the bottom of the pit, making sure the lip is at least an inch above the dirt.

Step 3…Put your plastic over the pit and drape it so the apex is over your catch cup. Pile dirt up around the outside edges to hold the plastic in place.

Step 4…Put a small rock or other object at the middle of the plastic and make sure the weight making the apex of your plastic is over your catch cup.

Step 5….Weight for the moisture in the ground to evaporate and get caught in the plastic.

Note…This technique takes a good bit of time but doesn’t require any water to begin with which can be useful if you’ve run out of town and you’ve got no water.  Leave the plastic in place for at least 24 hours and you’ll have a few sips of water to drink.