Water – The Most Important Survival Tool

The most important thing you are going to do after you have secured your new living space against the undead is to make sure you have a safe, available water supply.

Most of you reading this have probably driven or flown to see relatives a few states away and gotten diarrhea after drinking the tap water. Most of us are so acclimatized to the local bugs in our water that simply drinking from a different municipalities water supply can make us mildly ill. Now image how bad that is going to be after the pumps, ozone filters, and chlorination equipment all stop working and the bottled water is gone.

The last thing you want to be is dehydrated and crampy when you need to bolt the last hundred meters to safety.

This is where a small sand filtration system can save your butt.  The one below is a bit fancy (with the overflow drain) but it is easily made after a raid of your local hardware store. It can easily provide you with enough water for 1 to 2 people per day.

There is a rate limitation due to the time needed to properly filter the water with this type of unit. The sand actually builds up good bacteria as well as providing a physical filter.  Pushing too much water through it too quickly will limit its ability to protect you.  but its a great build for a solo survivor or solo survivor + one.

Tomorrow we’ll look at a slightly bigger unit.  It takes longer to build, as well as requires more supplies, but if your have a sizable party, its the way to go.