The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 9

Episode  9, 18 Miles Out


The episode starts off with a horde of walkers hunting down Rick, Shane, and a few others, then jumps to Rick and Shane talking, 18 miles out on the road, playing backwards, telling how Rick and Shane end up in such trouble.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • I really don’t like Shane, but I did feel like his speech to Rick was real.
  • The walker in the distance as Shane and Rick are driving along teh road.  It was very creepy.
  • Lori telling Maggie that Glen will just have to Man Up.
  • The fight between Shane adn Rick.  I was holding my breath the whole time.
  • Andrea is such a bitch sometimes.  Telling Lori she was wrong to take the knife away from Maggie’s suicidal sister.
  • Rick’s through the mouth headshot headshot.
  • Rick leaving Shane behind.  I just wished he hadn’t come back fo rhim.
  • Zombie kill of the week – driving over the zombie’s head as they escape.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Come on Rick – he was shagging your wife.  You really want to make friends with Shane?
  • “We have to use our knives more.” – Rick  I would have said we have to use our baseball bats more.
  • Who drives a hyundai in the undead apacalpyse.
  • I don’t think you can put a knife through a skull as easily as Rick does.  Beat the thing to death with the bolt cutters for gods sake.
  • Why would Shane go in the bus to look around? Its small, confined.  I know nothing was in it, but it just makes no sense.
  • Maggie’s sister trying to talk her into suicide.  It was just creepy and sad.
  • Rick telling Shane he’ll have to kill him if he wants to kill the boy.  How many chances is Rick going to give Shane?  I get that Shane adds some strength and combat knowledge, but what is the negative cost of his craziness?

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory

So I heard the commercial while watching TV last night.  I couldn’t help but go to the link.

My god, I can’t believe it is even legal. Fear mongering, half truths taken to crazy conclusions.  They are trying to make you panic so they can take your money.


So after more than hour of being told the dollar is going to collapse and that it is no longer even accepted overseas – which is complete crap.  He attributes this of course to an impossible to track down “Mary K.”

I’ve spent a good amount of time overseas in France, Germany, Sweden, India, Spain and have never found a place I couldn’t find a money changer or use my credit card.  The statement that our dollar is “worth maybe zero over here.” is just pure crap.

But there are people out there who will hear this webcast and panic.  And the kicker is that the whole thing is to get you to pay AMERICAN DOLLARS to the same company trying to tell you they are WORTHLESS.  You get what you deserve if you fall for it!!!!!


Holy Crap – TASER BALL

I saw the headline and thought it had to be a joke, but it’s not.  There is an actual extreme sport called TASER BALL.

The players use a two foot ball and play a form of rugby soccor to get the ball into the other teams goal.  Each member of the four man team has a modified taser that causes pain, but doesn’t carry the same risk that defense tasers have to cause cardiac arrest and momentary paralysis.  So don’t try this at home, your taser has a bit more punch than they use for the game. And, unfortunately, tasing someone in the groin is an instant penalty.  (So why even try out for the team some woud say!)

We can only hope it gets as big as football and there is a Super Bowl of TASER BALL in the near future.

The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 8

Episode  8, Triggerfinger


First of all, I didn’t get to see this episode for two days because of a bad hot dog and a child projectile vomiting everywhere.  But now I’m sitting on my couch enjoying it.  Yay.

Lori has flipped her car and has a walker just outside the glass.  Hershe, Rick, and Glen are in the bar, and its gotten dark.  FOOLS. And the men Rick killed appear to have some friends who have come looking for them.

The episode ends with a powerful message from Lori as she tells Rick that Shane is losing it and has to be stopped.  I hope the look in Rick’s eyes is murder.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The walker pushing through the glass to get to Lori.  Gross but awesome. And Lori had a gun. I wouldn’t go anywhere without a gun, a machete, or a baseball bat.
  • Bar shootout.  What could be better.
  • Shane lying to Lori that Rick and the others are back at the house safely.  He’s such a bastard.  But at least he’s consistent.
  • The interplay between Carol and Daryl as Daryl tries to seperate himself emotionally and physically from the group.  She’s fighting to keep him part of the group but he tears into her.  Evil, but realistic.
  • Rick makes it home!!!
  • Andrea is hot.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Why is Daryl outside by himself.  Basic rule of survival, stay in pairs, don’t let anyone be alone.
  • Oh crap, I thought Glen was hit.
  • The morality of cutting off the guys leg.  I’m sorry, there are walkers behind you and around you.  It would be kinder to just shoot the guy in the head and be down with it.  You have family and friends to live for. Either shoot the guy or leave him.
  • I hate when Shane tells Lori he loves her.
  • The sick girl in the bed freaks me out.  Am I the only one who thinks she’s going to start eating people?
  • Why does Glen push Maggie away? It felt like needless drama.  He froze because something in life mattered.  He could have used that to fight harder and stronger.  Blaming Maggie was just a pussy move.
  • Rick takes the “Shane thinks the babies his,” comment just a bit too well.  Any real man would be flipped out if his wife told him that some other dude thought they were destined to be together.  Rick, kick Shane out or kill him.

The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 7

Episode  7, Nebraska


The episode starts up right where teh last one ended. The walkers in the barn have flooded out and the fighting between Rick and Shane starts right back up. Shane is pissed that Hershel may have known, and Rick is forced to keep the peace.

The farm families are struggling with the reality of the walkers being dead, and not sick. Some new fellows happen on Rick and learn to regret threatening his people.

The waiting is full of suspense. When are the walkers coming?  Who is the next person to get bit?

Overall the episode was going to be a 3 out 5 right up until the last scene in the bar. But that bumped it up a notch.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • “We bury the ones we love, and burn the rest.” – Andrea
  • Arms falling out of pick-ups.
  • Rick realizes he needs Hershel for the baby.  I can’t even imagine giving birth without meds and medical help, and all I had to do was watch the birth.
  • Dale telling Lori that Shane may have killed Ottis.
  • Glenn confused over Maggie’s love, trying to rationalize his own feelings for her.
  • Hershel’s realization that he was wrong. It was very powerful. And sad. He was wrong, and it causes him to lose his faith and lose hope.
  • Women drivers. Goddamn it Lori, keep your eyes on the road!!!
  • A few new fellows bump into Rick, Glen, and Hershel, and they are trying to figure out to figure out where their supplies and women are. Rick takes care of business.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Come on, if you’ve survived the walkers so far, are you going to run up to a body?  I know it was one of the “farm people” but still. Haven’t they watched Zombieland?  Double tap!!!
  • Rick appears to be mad at himself for wasting time looking for Sophia while she was in the barn the whole time.  Shouldn’t he be mad at Hershel? Maybe Shane had it right on that one.
  • I get wanting to bury your dead, but I plan on going viking once the undead start walking. Burn them where they lie if you have.
  • Anyone heard of rubber gloves? Moving walker bodies with bare hands?
  • Someone falls out and you don’t do a skin check?  Make sure they weren’t bit? Especially when she was the girl who ran to the body at the barn.