Stansberry’s Investment Advisory

So I heard the commercial while watching TV last night.  I couldn’t help but go to the link.

My god, I can’t believe it is even legal. Fear mongering, half truths taken to crazy conclusions.  They are trying to make you panic so they can take your money.


So after more than hour of being told the dollar is going to collapse and that it is no longer even accepted overseas – which is complete crap.  He attributes this of course to an impossible to track down “Mary K.”

I’ve spent a good amount of time overseas in France, Germany, Sweden, India, Spain and have never found a place I couldn’t find a money changer or use my credit card.  The statement that our dollar is “worth maybe zero over here.” is just pure crap.

But there are people out there who will hear this webcast and panic.  And the kicker is that the whole thing is to get you to pay AMERICAN DOLLARS to the same company trying to tell you they are WORTHLESS.  You get what you deserve if you fall for it!!!!!