The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 15 (Bike and Upgrades)

For the fifteenth of my 25 days of Undead Christmas presents I want a high quality mountain bike with run flat tires. After the initial chaos settles, driving a vehicle will be like ringing the dinner bell, you will pull in thralls for miles around.

But…you still need to be able to travel and scavenge, and if you are forced to stick to places within walking distance you are going to find your options very limited real quick. So how do you solve that problem? By following the directions below.

Let’s start with a high quality mountain bike. 

Then we have to make some upgrades.  The first thing we are going to do is to add run flat tires. You don’t want to get eaten just because you run over some shattered glass or a nail right in the middle of a horde of a critical escape.

The slight cost in weight is well worth the cost for these run flat tires. You will never have to worry about jumping on your ride and finding out you not only have a flat, but you are going to have to push the bike back to your hidey hole if you want to save it.

The next thing we are going to get is a pull behind bike cart. It is not for everyday use, but when you know you have a good haul of canned food or bottled water, this is the way to go. Stack em onto the trailer and ride away.  It is also useful if you have to make long distance relocations or migrate between camps as the seasons change. Just make sure you practice with the couplers so you can detach it quickly if the sh*t hits the fan.