The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 17 (Surgical Kit)

For the seventeenth day of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want a suture kit.

Its really more than just a normal first aid kit. The duct tape is for the normal cuts and bruises and temporary wound closure, but when you slice your leg open jumping through a plate glass window you are going to need to put some sutures down or risk bleeding out. And even if you don’t bleed to death, you are going to be leaving  a bloody trail for the undead to follow, which is just as bad.

This kit is light, small, and provides enough sutures to close a few nice sized wounds. The one thing I’d find is a few extra sutures to pack in there. The ER is going to be a nightmare scene after the undead start biting people, so I’d suggest getting them now before it gets too bad.


This is of course one of those skills that not everyone has, so I highly suggest buying some steaks (or beating the crap out of a good friend or little brother) and giving it a shot. (And the lawyer is making us remind you not really, unless you are prepared to get sued and go to jail.)

The real trick to this is to make sure you get the suture into the deep tissue and then close it superficially while not leaving blood trapped in the suture line to cause complications. Unless you get some real practice you are going to want to go with the deep bite and superficial knot. (Images B through D below)