The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 24 (Steel Cable)

For the twenty-fourth day of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want pre cut sections of quarter inch steel cable. This stuff is easy to carry, light, and has hundred of uses, especially if you make them ahead of times with loops on the ends, which greatly increases the things you can do with these.

Thoughts on uses:

  1. String a length between trees. Zombies aren’t very coordinated. This will slow them down and buy you time.
  2. Play a fun game by giving each person in your party the same number of wires and see who can hang the most at the right height to catch the thralls.
  3. Make garrotes. When you just have to kill someone, and it has to be quiet, the garrote is the way to go. Just be warned, it is not a “bloodless” weapon. If you pull hard enough you can cut the carotids and it can get really messy, real quick.
  4. Make jewelry. Its the apocalypse but jewelry will still get you laid.
  5. Tie up the hot chick survivor who’s been looking at you all day. (But only if she consents first.)


Let me know in the comments what other things I’ve forgotten.