The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 4 (Solar Backpack)

For the fourth of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want a solar backpack.

There is no more coal fired power plants and even if you find a generator, the noise will bring the undead in for miles around.  Try camping without a flashlight at night and see what your field of vision is when your waving around a flaming torch.  Very easy for the undead to sneak up on you.  What you need is a way to charge up batteries while your hiking across country looking for the perfect place to make into a fortified and defensible nest.

That’s where Voltaic solar backpacks come in.  You can charge up your batteries and be able to have a nice focused beam of light to shine into the darkness when you hear something in the woods.  Is it a deer, or something more sinister?  Now you will know before it’s right on top of you.

Okay, and there is also your MP3 player so you don’t go crazy.   But be reasonable and only put one earbud in, you need to hear what’s around you.

And while you are buying the solar backpack, make sure you pick up a hand cranked flashlight or two. They are always going to work.