The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 8 (Machete)

For the eighth day of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want a long bladed machete.

Its not a weapon for the feint of heart.  Chopping through a few zombies dressed as nurses or worse, boy scouts and girl scouts will cause most people to hesitate, which will get you killed.  It takes real mental toughness to set aside what they were and hack them to pieces before they infect you.

Physically and technically the machete is the more difficult weapon to wield versus a non edged weapon.  Flesh and bone can bind around the blade if you strike poorly, and you can easily cut yourself in the frenzy of combat, which even if its just a small cut, can kill you if you get zombie blood in it.

So remember to practice, practice, practice.  The neck, the legs (to let you run from them) in rapid, powerful strokes.