The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 10

Episode  10,  Judge, Jury, Executioner


The tenth episode starts with Daryl beating the hell out of the prisoner Randal, trying to find out what he knows. The kid convinces Daryl he’s a threat if they let him go. His own group has weapons and has raped woman. Rick decides it’s the right the thing to do to kill the prisoner, but Dale argues they should wait and discuss it.

On the annoying front, Carl is apparently allowed to do whatever he wants and go wherever he pleases. You’d think that parents would be on super overwatch given the fact that it is the zombie apocalypse.

So overall this was a weak episode. Too much drama and not enough action.  Plus ***Spoiler Alert*** Dale buys it in the end.  I really liked Dale.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Dale sticking to his guns, always fighting for what is right.  Even if I don’t agree with him in this instance.
  • Daryl showing just how smart he is when he tells Dale how he knew that Shane had killed Ottis.
  • Hershel telling Glen he approves of him and Maggie being together. It was very touching.
  • Zombie Cow!!! (Maybe?)

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • What the hell is Carl thinking when he goes in to see Randal?
  • Why is Carl running around on his own again?  Didn’t anyone learn about the buddy system?
  • Shane is still thinking about betraying Rick and the group.  I thought Rick had earned back his trust after saving him at the bus.
  • Carl being a dumbass.  Maybe Shane was right and the kid is just looking for a way to die.
  • Oh Damn, Dale just got his guts ripped out.  So once again, has no one heard of the buddy system. The kid wouldn’t have released the zombie and Dale would have had backup even if it did get out.