The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 12

Episode  12,  Better Angels


The twelfth episode starts with a touching eulogy for Dale. As Rick says his touching words several members of the crew take care of a small horde of walkers in cut scenes.

The swamp is driving up and the survivors have finally realized they aren’t as secure as the farm as they once thought.

The prisoner turned after Shane kills him.  So what the guy at the CDC whispered to Rick in season one was something like, “everyone has the virus now” or something to that affect. It’s further proven after Shane gets gutted.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The survivors are finally being a bit more concerned about security. (If I were them I’d have put a few ring of fences around the farm.)
  • Shane trying to give the gun back to Carl.  In a weird way I agree with Shane on this one. The kid should be able to defend themselves.
  • Maggie telling Glen he can put his stuff in her room, even if he’s too afraid of Hershel to do it.
  • Rick talking to Carl, telling him the realities of the situation, but still being a dad at the same time.
  • Shane’s creepy stare when he sits down with the prisoner.
  • The fact that my son predicted Shane was going to do something shady with the prisoner.
  • Daryl’s tracking ability. And then Glen’s skill with a knife.
  • Rick gutting Shane after he realizes that Shane has brought him out into the woods to kill him. Shane if finally dead.
  • Nice shooting Carl – even if it made no sense that you were out in the woods.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • First of all – Dale is dead.
  • During the cut scenes no one is that worried about blood splatter.  It is an infection right?
  • God Damn you Lori!!!  Why would you tell Shane you’re not sure whose baby it is?  WTF  Please, your just making the guy more crazy.
  • Dumb Mad Men commercial.
  • Shane is such an ass. Why doesn’t Rick just shoot him and be done with it.
  • The fear in my gut when I wonder if Shane is trying to get Rick alone in the woods so he can kill him.
  • Why are they wandering around in the dark? Maybe it’s time to head home?
  • Rick is just way to calm after he realizes that Shane has brought him out into the woods to kill him. Although, I was happy to see Shane get gutted.
  • How the hell did Carl get all the way out into the woods?