The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 13

Episode  13,  Beside the Dying FIre


Its the season finale!!!

Episdoe twelve leaves off with Carl killing Shane after he turns, and ends with an awesome view of the horde coming.

The finale episode starts with the herd forming, walking through the night as they form up, heading toward the farm.

Things I loved about this episode…

  • The herd, there is just something awesome about seeing so many zombies moving.
  • The herd behind Rick when he’s about to tell him how Carl died.  They come up out of the darkness – totally awesome.
  • “Its a good a night as any.” Daryl after Hershel tell shim he’s willing to die to save the farm.
  • Hershel must have unlocked the unlimited ammo mod!!! (or at least the 100 shot clip)
  • Rick saving Hershel at point blank range.
  • (Daryl is on his bike with Carol) – Go Daryl, Go Daryl, Go Daryl
  • Hershel – “Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something different in mind.”
  • Yay – Andrea is alive.  I hope she can keep running.  I be she’ll look fine if she can keep it up. She’s a fighter.
  • Rick telling them they are all infected. So what we need to do is put a collar packed with C4 and an EKG sensor around everyone’s necks. If they die, their head’s blow off.  So no problem if everyone is infected.
  • The black cowled chick who saves Andrea. I love the image of the two armless zombies chained behind her.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • The herd at the fence.  I loved the masses of undead – but if I was living at the farm I would have crews out every day building up a ring of fortifications around the farm.  Close in at first, and then farther and farther out.
  • How the hell did the undead get in the RV?
  • Holy crap, they left Andrea and Carol behind.  At least Carol makes it off with Daryl, but it looks like Andrea is screwed.
  • Carl runs of again 0n.  Please, please, just keep your eye on Carl.
  • Everyone is having a happy party but a Rick was just hiding from a walker.
  • Really Lori? You’re mad at Rick because he killed Shane in self defense?  You are such a BITCH!!!
  • Carol complaining about Rick.  He’s fought to save you and you are willing to betray him.
  • Rick, why would you tell them you killed Shane, even in self defense? You should have just let them believe he was turned first.  Especially when they are all quivering in fear and willing to just break and run.