What To Grab – Hardware Store

It’s the end of the world, zombies are shambling about the streets, but you are at a friends house in a strange city. You can readily get to the local hardware store, what to grab?

  • Framing Hammer – it has a long handle and is relatively light. Resist the urge to get a hatchet or a sledge. The hatchet will bind up easily in zombie flesh and the sledge is too heavy.
  • 7d Nails – the perfect length for nailing windows and doors shut if you need to hold up.
  • Leather Gloves – they will protect your hands from small cuts and bruises as well has protect them from lighter bites and blood splatter.
  • Safety Glasses – Blood splatter in the eyes might be just as bad as a bite.
  • Flashlight – Its going to get real dark at night.
  • Batteries – For your flashlight!
  • Glow Sticks – For dim but longer term light.
  • Zip Ties – Great to bind someone up if you need to subdue them to see if they are going to turn.

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