Pandemic (2016)

The coolest thing about Pandemic is its front cover, which unless I blinked while I was watching it – was never a scene or a character from the movie itself.

Pandemic begins with the main character, Lauren gearing up to go out on patrol to find survivors. She’s visibly nervous and doesn’t appear to have the survivor skills you’d want in someone about to go out into a world overrun with the infected – but she’s the teams doctor and her job isn’t so much to fight as to test and make sure the survivors they bring back aren’t infected.

Okay, the start of the film shows a little bit of promise but it never really takes off from there. The classic zombie skits are all there. The infected person is there, no there, there. The child is infected. People make dumb decisions that I can’t believe someone who lived into the post ZA phase of life would actually make.

The movie tries to be “original” with a few twists and turn that are fairly well telegraphed. The violence varied between well done and cartoonish and the “first person” style of filming didn’t make it more thrilling, it just left me trying to follow what the heck was doing on.

Then things thankfully came their logical concussion.

It wasn’t great but at the same time I didn’t feel totally robbed. I’d save this one for if you are stuck inside on a rainy day with nothing left to do.

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