Crazy Busy Cracker Barrel

Our town starts at the junction of a few major highways, which makes it the perfect location for a few restaurants. One of those is our local Cracker Barrel.

We recently ordered food for take out and sent our son in to get it. Forty Five minutes after the pick up time we finally received our food.

My wife sent a nice note via the Cracker Barrel website with some helpful suggestions. The bottom line was they were crazy busy and somehow or order was given to the guy who came to pick up his food just before us.

To Cracker Barrel’s credit, they sent a gift certificate for us to have a free meal – which I thought was nice of them.

I tend to get mad when I’m face with poor service, but this is a reminder that simply giving feedback about what went wrong gives the business the chance to hear the feedback and try and make it right. (Which doesn’t happen if your raging right off the bat – and yes, I’m talking to myself there.)

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