PHL Parking – Why Be A Jerk?

Heading out this morning for a business trip.

I usually fly out of JFK or PHL, today was PHL. If you’ve ever been to PHL you know the long term parking lot really sucks. If you use long term parking you have to add an hour (at least) to your trip on both ends as the buses run at long intervals and I’ve had two trips where I had to wait for multiple buses because the units rolling by were already full. So it just sucks.

Add on to that the fact that I really do struggle to walk more than a mile anymore with my back, and parking in long term parking isn’t really an option anymore.

Which leaves short term parking. It is a lot more expensive, but is super convenient as you can walk directly from Garage C into Terminal C, and that happens to be a TSA Pre Check only entrance, so it is rarely swamped at the security desk.

So, what happened this morning? I drive up to Garage C and it says 0 spaces. They have those sensor units that are supposed to tell you how many open spaces, but from previous experience I know that there are a few broken sensors and even if it says 0, I can usually find a space.

Today was not one of those days. I drove around the Garage C Terminal C level (because that way I don’t need to use the elevator or stairs – yes, I know, that is lazy) and it was actually 100% full. But I’d given myself plenty of time so I just drove around, waiting for someone to come out.

I circled for about 10 minutes before a young lady came out and walked to her car. I “stalked” her to her car, following a respectful distance behind her. All good right? I was on the last aisle, which is one way, so no one can come up behind me, so I don’t care how long she took to put her bag in her car or sit there and chat on her phone as I waited for the spot.

One other traveler had the same thought I did, came up behind me, squeaked around, and continued to look for another spot. No worries right? The young lady I was waiting for finally pulls out, and would you believe it, the car that had gone around me turned around, came back up the one way lane, and was going to try and steal the spot!!!

Thankfully the lane is very narrow on that exit side, and the woman who pulled out was in a mid sized SUV, which meant there was no way for my spot stealer to sneak in. Woot woot. I pulled in and watched as this f@$*ing $ss hole who was planning on stealing my spot had to back away from the SUV.

What the hell?


What kind of person does this?

Thankfully they didn’t succeed, but I figure if they are willing to do this in the airport parking log, they probably jump lines and take handfuls of “free” candy whenever they walk by a candy jar.

(Stock PHL Photo, I didn’t take any pictures on my way in.)

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