Driving In The Snow – Bang

My sons buss blew by our stop this morning. It was cold and windy, so my son was waiting just inside our door. Instead of stopping to make sure no one was nearby, the bus didn’t even stop.

That is how I ended up with my slippers on, my robe, and a winter coat, driving my son to school.

My son has his permit. As we were driving we were talking about the hundred meters of ice on the gentle up-slope to the stop sign at the end of the street. The pickup in front of us slid through the stop sign, then struggled to get traction to make the turn and continue on its way.

I was telling my son how important it is to drive defensively, to plan for everyone else around you to screw up when we were hit from behind.

Thankfully the car was just sliding and the driver had been trying to slow down. Still, it was a perfect example of how careful you need to drive in winter weather. Neither car was damaged.

After we got moving again I told my son it was an important lesson. Sometime you can do everything right and still get in trouble. The other lesson was that you can depend on the other driver being an idiot and not driving as cautiously as you.

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