2020 RANGE DAY 7

RANGE DAY 7 was spent with a close family friend. She had a ball and we stepped up from .22 LR to 9mm. Start new shooters slow!

Today was a big range day for lots of reasons.

The first is that I finally got to shoot my new CZ P10-C. I finished my FFL paperwork and picked it up the other day, but today was the first day I got to go to the range.

CZ P10-C Unboxing

I read a lot of reviews and my final decision came down to three guns. The Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield, Springfield XD Service, and the CZ P10-C. Why isn’t the Glock 19 on the list? I have to be honest, I’m not a huge Glock fan, and the only reason I own a G23 is because I bought it from a buddy going through a divorce. I never say never, but its likely to be the only Glock I own.

The runner up was the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield. I’ve got two different buddies who own this and I’ve gotten to shoot about a hundred rounds in total through two different examples. It fit my hand well, was honestly a little cheaper than what I got the CZ P10-C for, but it also felt just a little bit less solid. In the end, it was close, but the parts on the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield feel just a little looser, a little less solid. It was my runner up, and the honest truth is that I will likely end up buying one in the future.

Third place went to the Springfield XD Service. I didn’t get to shoot this gun, but I did get to hold it and rack the slide. It didn’t fit my hand that well and some of the reviews I read made me questions its long term reliability.

That is how I became the owner of this beautiful CZ P10-C.

CZ P10-C

The weapon comes with two clips, and yes, I already bought a few spare mags. I have to be honest, I love this gun, but I also have the same issue that many others have complained about. The slide release is amazingly tight. I can release it if I use a lot of force. It’s much easier just to pull back on the slide to release it.

I put half a case of 9mm through the gun today, which did help loosen it ever so slightly, but I will likely be buying the Apex Extended Slide Release, I just need to find one in stock. I’m pretty sure it will continue to loosen, but I like the larger lever the Apex provides in any case.

1000 9mm Rounds

Should that turn you off the CZ P10-C? Sure, it’s a little annoying to need to put a few hundred rounds or buy an upgrade to make it work 100%, but that is offset by the rest of the gun. This thing is just a tack driver.

Someone left a pin on the target post, so I put it on top.

Push Pin Target

I hit it in about five rounds. The interesting part is that when you look at the top of the two by four, you can see where the round scored the wood.

Bullet Track

My son thought it was a fluke. He shut up after I did the same thing two more times. Then we ran out of push pins. No, I’m not a naturally gifted shooter, but I do target shoot whenever I can, and practice and time with the same gun in your hand makes all the difference.

Long story short, yes, I really am pleased with my purchase.

What does a few clips through a single target look like?

6 Inch Target After 100 Rounds

When the other stalls are full, you kind of have to wait for everyone to need to hang targets. I also like to put the 1cm orange targets in random places and clear them. My best was 2 out of 3 with a single clip with my CZ P10-C. I hope that tell you what a straight shooter thing was.

On a side note, my son also had an amazing day. Today was his first day shooting the Smith & Wesson M586.

Ry’s First Shot with the M586

For the record, this is my son who’s had over a hundred eye surgeries, and yes, when the Zombie Apocalypse starts, he’s my right hand man. This was his first six round cylinder after a target change.

The second exciting thing for the day was that we took one of our family friends to the range for the first time. She had wanted to try to shoot after a bad experience in the past. The first time she went to shoot someone handed her a larger caliber gun. She doesn’t know what it was. She just knew that when she shot it, it hurt her hand, wrist, and was crying. That is not how you introduce someone to shooting if you want them to continue and enjoy the sport.

I put one round in the M&P22 and slowly let her get comfortable until she was loading a full clip and enjoying the experience. For a first time shooter, she did awesome. She was hitting the target, and having fun.

New Shooter

CZ P-10 C Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
8/14/2021200My son and brother helped me blow some money on ammo.
7/5/2021100Took my cousin out and put a few rounds through my new baby.
11/21/2020100The CZ P10c feels great in my hand and its loosening up the more I work it.
10/31/2020500My first outing with my new CZ P10 C.

Smith & Wesson Model 586 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
8/14/2021200The wheel guns are just so much fun to shoot.
11/21/2020100This M586 is a nail driver. If I need to put a shot in s small target I'm grabbing this gun.
10/31/2020200My son and I both love this wheel gun. We traded it back and forth all day.
10/24/2020300This is just an amazing wheel gun. It is worth every penny I paid for it.
09/06/2020100My first outing with my new S&W M586.

Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
11/21/2020100The M&P 22 is just a joy to shoot, which is why it gets fed on a frequent basis.
10/31/2020200Our family friend really enjoyed the manageable kick the 22LR has. My son liked how he could group hits in rapid fire mode.
10/24/2020100After shooting the 40 Caliber G23, this feels like a toy, but it is fun to shoot.
09/06/2020100More bulls eyes with my .22 nail driver.
7/12/2020320Relaxing day at the range with my youngest son.
6/27/2020100Cheap, fun shooting.
6/14/2020100First outing of 2020.
10/07/2016250It's been a while since the .22 came out of the safe. What more could you want than cheap and fun shooting.

Glock Model 23 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
8/14/202150Still not sure if I like this Glock. It doesn't point naturally and it always takes two clips to get on target.
11/21/202050The Glock 23 is a great little semi auto that is slowly growing on me.
10/31/2020100My son and I took turns with the Glock 23 today. He really liked the Glock, so I might need to do a paternity test.
10/24/2020100I'm not a huge Glock fan, but this G23 is slowly growing on me.
09/06/2020100Spent a little bit of time at the range on this beautiful Labor Day Weekend.
7/6/2020100Had the range all to myself!!!
6/27/2020100After figuring out how to sight with this it was fun to shoot.
10/07/201650The thing I'm starting to love about this Glock is how clean it shoots - and how easy it is to clean - because it doesn't seem to get that dirty.
09/04/201550Just a quick outing to start off our weekend.
05/09/2015150My youngest was funny when he was shooting this . I don't really feel the difference between the .40 and the 9mm, but he said he can really tell the difference.
04/26/2015100My buddy is going through a divorce and needed some cash. So I got a very nice gun that had barely any rounds down the barrel for half the retail price.

Recommended Shooting Gear:

Remember, if you use GunBroker, or live in South Jersey, stay away from County Sports in Carney’s Point NJ. They have horrible customer service and will screw you over to make an extra $5 bucks. How do I know, because that’s what they did to me.

If you are heading out for some Range Day Fun just remember to be safe and put on eyes and ears. I also like to wear a good pair of Shooting Gloves. It helps break them in and also trains me on how the Gloves can slightly changer the grip on each weapon.

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