First Range Day of 2020

My nephew’s buddy was in town and they asked me to take them to the range, which matched up perfectly with the fact that the club I belong to literally opened up this week.

I mostly stood behind them and played range safety officer. My nephew’s buddy is an army vet, but they are still in their 20’s and since it was the first time I took the fellow to the range I felt like it was my moral obligation to just make sure everyone was safe. Obviously there were no issues. The other reason I didn’t shoot much is obviously my back. Its been on the mend, so I while I brought a lot of weapons, I just fired off a clip or two of 9mm and .22LR.

If you look very very carefully at this target you can see I just barely nicked that 10 ring with a .22LR.

After we finished up at the handgun range we headed over to the clays and busted two boxes of clays. The boys had a ton of fun and I told them to let me know when they want to go out again.

Edit: I just wanted to add that we all wore masks 100% of the time, and this is an outdoor range, so we didn’t have to stand shoulder to shoulder.

CZ 75 SP-01 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
7/12/2020100Relaxing day at the range with my youngest son.
6/13/2020100First outing of 2020.
10/07/2016200My oldest is trying to get into the police academy and asked me to take him out.
09/04/201550Just a quick outing to start off our weekend.
05/09/2015150My brother, his buddy, and my youngest went to the range and let loose with a ton of lead. We had a ball.
04/26/2015100Took my friend, his son, and my youngest to the range to plink.
03/28/2015150Took my brother shooting. He has no luck with the semi autos but loves my Model 64.
02/08/2015100A few rounds on a beautiful summer day in the middle of winter.
07/27/2014100A few rounds with my buddy, his son, and my youngest.
06/07/2014200There was a long pause after my back surgery. Thankfully I am mobile again.
11/15/2013200Post Purchase Review

Smith & Wesson Model 64 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
8/14/2021200The wheel guns are just so much fun to shoot.
09/06/2020100I got to compare my new M586 to my M64 for the first time today.
7/12/2020100Relaxing day at the range with my youngest son.
7/6/2020100Had the range all to myself!!!
6/27/2020100Every time we go shooting the wheel gun is always the one we run out of ammo for.
6/13/2020100First outing of 2020.
10/07/2016150This really is one of my favorites. Pulling back the hammer forces me to pause - which usually helps my aim.
09/04/201550Just a quick outing to start off our weekend.
05/09/2015150The .38 is clearly a fun gun to shoot. Everyone was waiting to shoot it and I only brought three boxes of ammo for it - and they went quick.
04/26/2015100Everyone loves the semi autos but for some reason they always keep reaching for the wheel gun too. There is just something about pulling back the hammer and firing with a good wheel gun.
04/25/2015100My son wanted to shoot the revolver so I took him out to the club. He had a ball.
03/28/2015200My brother went through all my 38 ammo! But it was worth it, he was hitting the target much better with the revolver. I don't think he likes the sites on my CZ or Glock.
02/08/2015100My first rounds with my new to me S&W Model 64.

Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
11/21/2020100The M&P 22 is just a joy to shoot, which is why it gets fed on a frequent basis.
10/31/2020200Our family friend really enjoyed the manageable kick the 22LR has. My son liked how he could group hits in rapid fire mode.
10/24/2020100After shooting the 40 Caliber G23, this feels like a toy, but it is fun to shoot.
09/06/2020100More bulls eyes with my .22 nail driver.
7/12/2020320Relaxing day at the range with my youngest son.
6/27/2020100Cheap, fun shooting.
6/14/2020100First outing of 2020.
10/07/2016250It's been a while since the .22 came out of the safe. What more could you want than cheap and fun shooting.

Benelli M2 Shooting Log

DateRounds FiredComment
6/14/2020250First outing of 2020
01/13/2019125Snow clays!!!
11/05/2016250Clays, took a new shooter out.
10/08/2016225Clays & some slugs.

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