iZombie , Season 1, Episode 4

Liv and Let Clive opens with Blaine and his first rich woman turned “Zombie Brains” client having a spicy chat.

When Jackie asks if being Blaine’s bootie call gets her a rebate, he doesn’t pull any punches.

Blaine The Business Man

It’s just a not so subtle reminder that Blaine is not a nice guy.

We then see a montage of Blaine and Jackie enjoying Jackie’s wealth. There is time at the pool followed up with spray tans before Blaine ends up in the kitchen. He makes Red Chili Pepper Brain Smoothies for him and Jackie to sip in privilege.

Red Chili & Brain Smoothies

Major Problems

After Liv showed up at Major’s place last episode she’s felt nothing but guilt. She gets another gut punch when she visits his place first thing in the morning with coffee. Major has a girl over. Corinne, played by the lovely Elise Gatien, is wearing a “U Dub” shirt. It’s not Corinne’s though, she’s wearing Major’s clothes.

Liv leaves with as much dignity as she can, and I’m amazed how “adult” she was over the interaction. My personal experience is very different. In my world there would have been hair pulling and screaming if a recent ex finds their ex with a new hottie.

Back at the ME’s office there is a new victim. The moment Clive sees the body, he recognizes the victim. This leads to Clive telling Liv to stay out of it. He’s telling her this just as she’s seeing Clive screaming and beating Sammy up.

With Sammy’s brains coloring Liv’s mood she’s turned emotional, suspicious, and possessive. This leads to Liv pushing Ravi to fill Major’s roommate need. Liv thinks that if she can get Ravi into Major’s lease space, it will mean Corinne won’t be able to be there. Obviously Liv is acting a bit crazy. Major isn’t just seeing Corinne because he sees someone to pay the rent, she also has a great personality.

Brain Chef

Out on the streets Blaine takes us to where he runs his business from. He’s expanded and not only has a Brain Chef, but underlings to deliver it.

Brains Door Dash

While Blaine is running his business Liv’s paranoia drives her to follow up on Clive’s background. This makes Liv even more sure that Clive is a dirty cop. As Liv and Ravi follow up on the leads her visions are feeding her, they end up at an Asian comic book/porn store. While there Liv get’s more Sammy visions of Clive not being the nicest guy.

As Liv and Ravi are leaving they see Clive pulling up and going into the very same store.

Clive Showing Up At the Asian Comic Book/Porn Store

Later that night Liv ends up back at home, and her brother has settled in. She reminds Evan not to go into Peyton’s room. Evan is wondering out loud if there might be snacks in Peyton’s sports bra drawer. Does Evan have a harmless crush or is he a stalker? Can’t wait to see how this shakes out.

When Liv comes back from her shower to talk to Evan she finds Clive in her living room. He’s not happy that Liv has been following up on his past. Clive explains that Sammy was in witness protection. Sammy got himself killed when he came back to see his dying mother. Sammy gave Clive an ominous, stay out of it or you could get hurt message the last time they communicated.

Brains Delivery

Out on the Brains Delivery service Blaine’s delivery guys make a pitch to Jackie. They offer her brains for cheaper if she’ll buy from them instead. I’m sure this is going to end up just great for them. Blaine doesn’t seem like the type of guy who’s going to get pissed off by underlying defying him…right?

Meanwhile Major and Ravi have figured out that Liv is trying to set them up as roommates. At first Ravi isn’t so thrilled with the idea. At least until the two of them realize they have the same Diablo III fetish.

As Liv is walking home she sees a final Sammy vision. It reveals that the Asian gang knows that there is still an undercover agent in their midst. If Liv and Clive don’t do something, the undercover agent is a goner.

As Liv and Clive race to save the undercover cop Blaine is putting an end to his competitions small business start up. We also find out that Blaine is a decent shot, he puts a bullet cleanly into both their foreheads.

Blaine Cleaning Up The Competition

Liv Versus Gangster

Once home Liv calls Clive and he confirms that they got to the airstrip in time, and arrested everyone except for the gang leader, who wasn’t at the air strip. When Liv goes to investigate a noise in the other room guess who’s waiting for her? Yep, the gang boss followed her home after she visited the Asian comic book/porn store.

Liv takes the gangster down just in time to save brother, but he saw her face when she was Zombie Raging, but Liv shuts him up as the cops are leading him out of her apartment.

Just A Girl!!!

With all the bad guys under wraps Clive and Liv have a heart to heart. He’s hurt that she could ever think he was a dirty cop, and Liv explains that the visions she gets are very real to her, very powerful. Clive tells her that when your undercover you have to pretend to be something else, and if your their long enough, its hard for others, and even yourself not to remember the darkness you cloaked yourself in for the good of all.

Liv and Let Clive ends with Blaine thanking Jackie for tipping him off about his underlings about to turn on him. Meanwhile Liv, Ravi, and Major enjoy some “friend” time watching TV. At least until Ravi tells Liv that Major thinks there is still a chance to save their relationship. Liv doesn’t want to admit it either, but clearly they both want it. Even if it can’t be.

Liv and Let Clive Scoring

Liv and Let Clive scored a 75/100, making it Worth Your Time. The acting and story were top notch.

Fight me if you disagree!!!

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
Season 11Pilot90
Season 12Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?70
Season 13The Exterminator71
Season 14Liv and Let Clive75
Season 15Flight of the Living Dead71
Season 16Virtual Reality Bites76
Season 17Maternity Liv75
Season 18Dead Air66
Season 19Patriot Brains74
Season 110Mr. Berserk77
Season 111 Astroburger72
Season 112Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat73
Season 113Blaine's World80
Season 21Grumpy Old Liv80
Season 22Zombie Bro80
Season 23Real Dead Housewife of Seattle85
Season 24Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues70
Season 25Love & Backetball81
Season 26Max Wager75
Season 27Abra Cadaver85
Season 28The Hurt Stalker90
Season 29Cape Town88
Season 210Method Head75
Season 211Fifty Shades of Grey Matter85
Season 212Physician, Heal Thy Selfie70
Season 213The Whopper85
Season 214Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind69
Season 215He Blinded Me With Science81
Season 216Pour Some Sugar, Zombie82
Season 217Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be83

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