iZombie , Season 1, Episode 5

Flight of the Living Dead tells the tale of a group of adrenaline junkies working for “Max Rager”. Energy drink makers love to pitch their products to adrenaline junkies. The team takes a shot of some expensive alcohol before leaping from the plane.

Terminal Velocity

The Victom

After the team jumps we cut to Liv on the ground. She is having an irreverent conversation about food on sticks with Ravi.

Impaled On A Tree

It’s not long before Liv finds out that she has a personal connection with the dead jumper, Holly. They were briefly in the same sorority in college.

With Holly’s brains on board Liv finds a newfound joy in riding bicycles and racing around the city. As Liv is working on who and what killed Holly we find out that the corporate team who runs Max Rager may be hiding something. Just before Holly died she was copied on a corporate communication that had information about Max Rager fans going violently insane.

In the pursuit of Holly’s killer, Liv finds another Zombie. One of the Max Rager adrenaline junkies just happens to be one of the undead. This makes Liv wonder if her life has to be so empty of physical contact. What it might be like to share intimacy with someone she doesn’t have to worry about turning?

Spicy Drinks

Just before the episode ends, with no conclusion (yet) on who killed Holly – we see Major recognize an article of clothing. One of Blaine’s Zombie henchman is wearing clothing that Major believe’s came from one of his missing kids.

Major Down

Flight of the Living Dead Scoring

Flight of the Living Dead introduced a near character and gave us a peak into Clive’s boss not being interested in a lot of missing teens. Major also gets a taste of Zombie Rage, and Liv finds a potential love interest. There were some fun segments and interesting scenes, which earned Flight of the Living Dead  a 71/100, making it Worth Your Time.

SeasonEpisodeEpisode NameScore
Season 11Pilot90
Season 12Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?70
Season 13The Exterminator71
Season 14Liv and Let Clive75
Season 15Flight of the Living Dead71
Season 16Virtual Reality Bites76
Season 17Maternity Liv75
Season 18Dead Air66
Season 19Patriot Brains74
Season 110Mr. Berserk77
Season 111 Astroburger72
Season 112Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat73
Season 113Blaine's World80
Season 21Grumpy Old Liv80
Season 22Zombie Bro80
Season 23Real Dead Housewife of Seattle85
Season 24Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues70
Season 25Love & Backetball81
Season 26Max Wager75
Season 27Abra Cadaver85
Season 28The Hurt Stalker90
Season 29Cape Town88
Season 210Method Head75
Season 211Fifty Shades of Grey Matter85
Season 212Physician, Heal Thy Selfie70
Season 213The Whopper85
Season 214Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind69
Season 215He Blinded Me With Science81
Season 216Pour Some Sugar, Zombie82
Season 217Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be83

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